Thursday, February 20, 2014

#5 Notetaking

I've been a list maker for a long time.  I love the ColorNote Notepad Notes app.  It's simple and you choose text or checklist.  Assign a title.  
My standard titles (categories)     Groceries   Errands    Restaurants    Movies  
Love the delete x when you've got everything on your list! 

Power's out . . . grab your phone

Most useful app:  Flashlight.  Scene:  Saturday morning at busy community library.  Power goes out (and stays out for 35 minutes).  Uh - oh!  There's a group of kids in the basement meeting room (no window room) making Valentines.  Phone in my pocket.  Downstairs I go . . .  the parents had already pulled out their Smart phone flashlights.  I loaned my flashlight phone to a very trusted teen volunteer and the kids contentedly continued the Valentine making adventure in a 'new' light!  btw:  It's hard to keep fresh batteries in an emergency flashlight.  The wind up flashlight was not as quick or powerful as my phone app light.

Recommended app:  Super-Bright LED Flashlight by Surpex Technology Inc.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Droid smart phone tips

Why am I a Droid phone user when most I know love their iPhone, and my carrier Verizon let the cat into the bag awhile ago.  Simple fact:  I can type quickly on the  Motorola Droid pull-out keyboard.

Screen shot.  I love this!  Press the top power button and the down volume button at the same time and you'll get a screen shot.  Of course, you then need to find it.  Check out your Gallery app.

L - o - n - g press.  No, it is not a fitness term.  But it will yield some possibilities on the Droid that are invisible otherwise.  Long press will give you a select, copy and paste option.

To open your phone?  Swipe "the key" to the right.  It's just a tiny bit faster that way! Swipe it down to go immediately to texting.  Swipe up to get to your phone.

Anyone else use an Android Motorola?  There are some texting quirks . . . .

Saturday, January 18, 2014

What's in a name?

I've been addressed by many names bridging two professional careers, first in teaching, then in libraries.  I was Miss Mxxxx,   then attempted to be Mrs. Mxxx Exxx but two last names confused students at that time . . . way back.    I opted for simplicity and became Ms. Mxxxx or Ms. Exxx, depending.  When I moved to library work I could be just Ann which is the way I like it.  Then  delightful father/son patrons starting calling me LibrariANN, with the proper respect from the parent viewpoint, easy for the child to remember, and clever to boot.